Newbie hook-up question

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I hope somebody can help me.

I am having trouble hooking parts of my system up.

I have:

Marantz SR7300 A/V Receiver
Sony KDE-37XS955 HDTV
Motorola HD cable box
Panasonic DVD RV32

I want to record and playback VHS can somebody help with a schematic?

Right now I have
1. all digital audio is running to 7300
2. component running from cable box to TV
3. the DVD (component) running to the TV
4. the RF is running to the VHS
5. the VHS (S-video) running to the TV

Is this correct? Should I be running the RF to the VHS at all? My cable
provider doesn't support HDMI yet. Should any video be running trough
the 7300? I am using a harmony universal remote to control as much as

ANY help is appreciated.

Re: Newbie hook-up question

In order: This sounds correct. Yes, if you'd like to keep recording
programs on VHS. And finally, no, at least I've never routed a VCR
record loop through the receiver(too complicated). Then again, with
that remote, it might not be so bad!

Re: Newbie hook-up question

Quoted text here. Click to load it

I've got my RF cable going into a splitter, and from there into both the VCR
and my STB.  My STB is connected to my receiver, both for digital coaxial
audio and S-video.  My VCR is connected to my receiver for analog audio and
composite video.  My receiver is connected to my TV with component video (my
Yamaha RX-V750 receiver has video upconversion).  The advantage to this
setup is that I switch everything on my receiver instead of the TV, which is
handy for me because if I did it though the TV, I need to cycle through all
the inputs.  On my receiver's remote, I press just one button and I'm there.
It's one extra cable, but I find it much more convenient.  The downside is
that I can't record on the VCR any channels above 125, which doesn't matter
to me, because I rarely watch anything on those higher channels.  Anyway, I
just like having EVERYTHING going to the receiver; it just seems easier


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