New Panasonic TH-50PX60 -- Is This Issue A Problem?

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I have a brand new (purchased 2 days ago) Panasonic TH-50PX60.  It is
connected to my satellite box (Starchoice 530 PVR).   Into the
television I
have used HDMI and out of the satellite box is DVI connected to HDMI
via an

Ramdomly while watchin television, the screen goes black for like 1/2
(maybe less) and comes back.  It comes back right away and the picture
fine and in the upper left corner the box appears that shows what video
source (i.e., HDMI) that I am using.

I can think of a couple potential things that might be wrong here:

1.  There is an error/problem with the television.


2.  Every so often there is a hic-up in my video source from the
dish which causes this problem.

Can anyone give me any advice here.   Seeing as how I just spend $4k to
this all set up, I want to make sure.   I don't want to wait and see if
goes away and if not then do a warranty repair.  I would rather
exchange it
for another right away from the retailer I bought it from.

Any thoughts anyone?   Thanks in advance.


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