vpn and nat problem - is this possible ?

hello, I have a problem with configuring nat for the vpn connection. I don't know if it is possible to do . here is the situation :

- there are three sites A( ,B( ,C(

- there is IPSec tunnel from A to B and from B to C.

- users from C can reach only B network, users from B can reach A and C

network and users from A can reach only B network

- the B site has Cisco 1800 series router

- users from the B site works on a TERMINAL ( in A site is it possible for users from C siete to work on this TERMINAL server without making any new VPN tunnel from A to C. I would like to use the existing VPN connection ftom C to B and then use NAT translation to map -> for users in C network. Or is there any other way (ofcourse without changing anything on router in site A)?
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is it mandatory that the the IP's are changed or can they use their existing .3.0 net?

One easy way to accomplish this is to use a routing protocol such as eigrp... this requires some changes but nothing that should take long to implement or back out...

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