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What in the world is happening here?

Again today, for the third time in my +1-203 at&t territory, an 800 number I dialed fetched up with a telephone company "number has changed" interrupt informing me of the "new number" (today, as

1-800-712-5000). At the new number I meet the greeting in the "Subject:" line, followed by an urgent sales pitch offered by a very enthusiastic mini-skirted-high-school-cheer-leader voice.

I hang up, dial my intended 800 number again, and get through to the party I originally intended.

OK: the first time something like that happened to me, several weeks ago, I had, to be honest, misread the number I wanted, hence misdialed.

The second time I'm pretty sure I had dialed correctly.

On today's occasion, I'm *certain* I dialed correctly, as I was looking at the number's listing in my phone book as I was dialing.

So, again: what's going on? Is at&t selling randomly selected failed-call-completion moments to nefarious telephone marketers? Or what?

Cheers, -- tlvp

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See if your carrier has online billing where it can list all the numbers dialled. If so, then you can check the number dialled. If it was the one that you intended to dial yet you the number not available recording please dial another number, then you're onto something.


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