Is this a firewall problem?

Have 4 servers connected to an HP switch which is behind a Netscreen

5XP firewall with an unlimited connection license. 3 of the servers are fine accessing Internet sites. 1 server is having problems. This server results in approx 7 out of 8 ping attempts to Internet addresses failing (DNS lookup succeeds). Doing a tracert shows successful hops up until the inside firewall interface...this is where it's failing (but approx 1 out of every 8 succeeds so it's not a policy on the firewall blocking anything). Also, from the problem server, pinging any server on the internal network results in 100% success. Any server internal or external can ping the problem server with 100% success. Can a bad nic in the server cause something as selective as this just accessing Internet addresses?? Or is this a possible firewall issue? Again, every other server and workstation has no problems..just this one.
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John Brown
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Always check the basics first. First check that the server is configured correctly, IP Address/Netmask is what I would first check. Next check your routing...


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Michael Pelletier


ipconfig /all

from the working server and issue server, compare and fix the problem.

You can also use Microsoft NetMon to sniff the packet. If you do not have issues to internal servers, most likely it is a DNS problem.

Good luck!

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