How to tell angled connector visually ?

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I am not a laser scientist, I am just building an instrument which utilises
 a laser. I have ordered a laser with the _straight_ OzOptics FC-style high
-power output connector. The laser arrived, and I noticed that the connecto
r's label says it is the angled variety. The accompanying documentation als
o states that it is the angled connector.

How can I tell by visually examining the connector's end if it is the strai
ght (90 degree) or the angled type ? The angle is supposed to be small, bet
ween 5 and 15 degrees, so that it is hard to see if there is a tilt to the  

Re: How to tell angled connector visually ?

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Rotate the connector on its optical axis, and look at a reflection in
the connector face.  If the face is angled, the reflection will wobble.

I doubt that this test can be performed handheld.

Joe Gwinn

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