How can I tell Sygate to let networked Laptop pass?

Sygate 5.6 Build 2808 My Network Neighborhood consists of a wireless Laptop and a wired Desktop PC.

The Desktop PC has Win98SE and Sygate Personal Firewall (SPF). From the Desktop PC, I can browse the shared drives of the Laptop and copy files OK.

The Laptop has WinXP Home Edition and the XP firewall. From the Laptop, I can only access the Desktop PC when the Desktop's Sygate Personal Firewall turned off! How can I tell SPF to allow the networked Laptop to pass?

I know the Laptop's name (CPQ1556 ...) and remote host number (192.168. ...), but I don't know how to tell the SPF to let it pass.

Help will be appreciated, Stan Hilliard

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Stan Hilliard
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In principle - double click on the firewall icon, go to Tools/Advanced Rules and set up a rule to allow communication with the ip address of the laptop. Work your way through all the tabs to ensure that you have covered all items. It is self-evident and very easy to set up.


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"> I know the Laptop's name (CPQ1556 ...) and remote host number

maybe Sygate-tools-options-network neighborhood --> and mark ( v ) both entries. And are the disk(s) allowed to be shared?

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"BrianF" wrote in news:44a0e7f3$0$5534$

Even better perhaps is to use the laptop's MAC address (which will/should not change) instead of the IP address (which may change if DHCP is used).

I use the MAC of a free standing networked multifunction printer and have no access issues with it at all.

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