Baseband Video Transmission

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    I'm trying to understand how to construct an optical network to
carry an analog baseband video signal (850 Mhz). I know that I need
some way to convert this analog signal to a digital signal and then put
it onto a lambda (1310nm is preferable).

I intend to carry it through a typical WDM gear.

          What components do I need to do this?
          Can anyone recommend specific products/solutions?



Re: Baseband Video Transmission

What's the application?
Analog isn't simple with LD's as the very high frequency commands some
exceptional quality laser performance and endless screwing around with
your amplifier circuits to deal with linearity.  You then get locked
into using a circuit that works with one batch of LD's and not another.

I guess you have come to your conclusion now that digital is reaching
2.5G and 10G over DWDM relatively inexpensively now.  How much you
looking to spend on your optics?  Tx Optical Ouput power?

Have you checked Analog devices DSP's ADC combos for cellular base

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