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Looks like most people on here are studying for their CCNA.  I see questions
going out about confusing portions of the material and lots of answers
coming back.  How about throwing a wrench into the works by asking some
questions to inspire some thought back to those seeking answers?
Don't study just for the exam, study for the familiarity with the equipment!

These are meant mostly to challenge those learning, not as much an
opportunity for the more learned folk to show their stuff by blasting all
the answers back.

 * Basic Management *

Router has the following lines in the config:
    enable secret s3cr3t
    enable password p@$$w0rd
Which password will get you into enabled/privledged mode on a router or IOS
based switch?

What single command in the config will hide the passwords from plain sight
in the configuration?

What commands in config mode will restrict telnet access to the router or
IOS based switch to only the subnet?  The proper answer will
not go into a Router(conf-if)# prompt.

What do the following keyboard commands do?

 * Logging / Diagnostics *

You enter the command "debug ip rip events" and nothing happens.  Assuming
that RIP is enabled on the router, what should be done next to take
advantage of the live output?

What command shows the router or switch uptime?

What command restarts the router or switch?

What command in the config will put the time and date next to console and
logging buffer messages?

What command in the config will put the maximum amount of logging messages
into the logging buffer (not buffer size, just message content)?

On higher IOS versions, how do you see the past processor utilization?

 * Routing Protocols *

How often does a router get an update from a neighboring router when both
are running RIP / EIGRP / OSPF / BGP?

What type of network traffic (TCP,UDP,unicast,port number,etc...) is an
update message from RIP / EIGRP / OSPF / BGP?

What two commands in the config will get a dynamic routing protocol up and
running (many answers possible)?

 * IP Subnetting *

A computer on the network has an IP address setting of
    How many IP addresses are in the subnet?  /  How many can be used by
TCP/IP systems in the network?
    What is the subnet ID?
    What is the broadcast IP address?
    Following the old "classful" method of classifying IP address, it is
Class A,B,C,D, or E?
For practice, pick any 4 random numbers between 0 and 255 and some random
number between 0 and 24 and do this many times on your own anytime.

RouterA serial 0 is connected to RouterB serial 0.  RouterA serial 0 has IP
address  What should be the IP address on
RouterB serial 0?

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"Overlord" <Overlord Balki> wrote:

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Nice idea.

How do you configure a router to only bridge, and to be accessible on its IP
address by all interfaces?

How do you get meaningful times on debugs?

How do you protect your switched network from unauthorised additional devices?
(users plonking hubs or switches)

Paul Matthews                                         CCIE #4063
Please post questions to the NG, NOT by e-mail.

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Paul Matthews wrote:
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