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I was recently called on the carpet, much to my amazement, about there being the possibility that there was something wrong with the way I asked questions on lists. I'd like to solicit replies (Privately if possible, but if it would make for the greater good of the masses then publicly) to this statement.

I recently posted 3 messages, and yes, they were back to back. They were from another Cisco group that either elicited no replies, or "Put a TAC ticket in". They were all posted Aug 2.

Wonky tracking? Pros/cons of ip nat "list" vs "route-map" Image won't fit

Personally, to me, the "Wonky tracking?" is the most imperative right now. Pros/cons was just a discussion topic, it isn't very important. I do want to thank the people who replied to "Image won't fit", basically the result was "Cisco had an error on their site about the requirements" and that really is all I was looking for (Confirmation it really DIDN'T fit).

Thanks, Tuc

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