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I checked out a few labs, and most seem to to have contrived situations
that they force you to use. For instance, I tried a routersim from the
Cisco site, and it didn't even let me use IGRP! I wrote to Boson, and
they say to use their labs.  I need to use the Cisco Press lab books for
the Cisco Academy but merely plug in stuff like the topology of what
routers I am using, and to insert the config files in the routers. Does
anyone know of a CCNA/ CCNP lab that will let me have completely free
reign and that would let me do my Cisco Press lab assignments?  It may
help to know that the main reason I am asking is that even with 2 or 3
routers at home and a switch, they have more complex labs. Please post
any links you may have, especially for ones under $500 USD. Thanks, David

Re: Lab for CCNA
On Sun, 26 Nov 2006 04:20:25 +0000, David M. Schwartz wrote:

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these are online rack rentals.  they give you remote access to actual
equipment. they advertise mostly as being geared towards CCIE lab
practice, but there's no rule saying you can't use it for CCNA.

Re: Lab for CCNA
Thanks for the links. I was actually hoping for a simulator because my
whole idea is to avoid rack space rental by learning on my own, paying
whatever cost once. Thanks.

Re: Lab for CCNA
I would personally stay way from the simulators.  When I was studying for my
CCNA i purchased the simulator from Routersim.  Although it was ok, it was
no substitute for the real stuff and I paid a couple hundred bucks for it.
I reccomend checking out and rent rack time from
Chris.  He has a great ccna program.  Included in the rack rental is a lab
book that will walk you through configuring everthing you need to know for
the exam, and it is on real gear.  His rental prices are really cheap also.
I rented from him a couple of times and was able to pass my exam.  I sold my
routersim software and key to someone else for a hundred bucks (although i
think it was against their policy).


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Re: Lab for CCNA
On Sun, 26 Nov 2006 04:20:25 +0000, David M. Schwartz wrote:

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Can find 2610 routers for a little over $100 and 2950 12-port switches for
around the same price. Definitely worth the investment and can always
resell them on ebay.

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