Does Cisco 4700 router support MPLS?

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Sorry, I wasn't clear last time & so I'll just ask this as briefly and
clearly as I can:

Does Cisco 4700 router support MPLS?

Please let me know... I really need to know.


Re: Does Cisco 4700 router support MPLS?


You may wish to investigate the Refurbished Cisco Product Guide:

Page 69

Cisco 4000 Series

Cisco 4700-M

30-50 percent higher performance for future growth, multiple
high-speed interfaces, or configurations with multiple Cisco IOS
security, QoS, and accounting features enabled.

64-MB main memory for large Internet route tables.

Key Features

Supports a full suite of Cisco IOS Software feature sets; customers
can cost-effectively choose from a rich set of protocols (IP,
Internetwork Packet Exchange [IPX], AppleTalk, DEC, VINES, and so on),
QoS, security, redundancy and WAN optimization, and management and
accounting features supported by the Cisco IOS Software.

High-performance RISC architecture to support high-speed media
(Fast Ethernet, ATM, FDDI, HSSI) and calculation/process
switching-intensive features.

Optional redundant power system for very high reliability.

Hope this helps.

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