Advice on CCNA Lab setup

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Wow! This newsgroup seems to have become a spam trap. :(

Anyway, do any of you have a suggested setup for a ccna lab? I will be
moving straight from my ccna to ccvp instead of ccnp, because my job
will be working with cisco voip systems and unified communications.
Jeremy cioria(sp?) has a blog that shows a basic setup, but it is a
bit dated (2006). /

I know the ccna was changed this year and is supposedly much harder
than before. I have found many decent priced kits on ebay, so I think
a real lab would be better than a net sim.

Thanks in advance

Re: Advice on CCNA Lab setup


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Here's my setup:

Cisco 500-CS Access Server
(4) 2610/12 Switches
(1) 2520 Frame Relay Switch
(1) Catalyst 2950 Series Switch
(1) Catalyst 2900XL Series

Plus all cables necessary for connecting all this together.  I have a
bona fide CCIE in my family (better than 10 years my junior).  The
first time I took the test after basically rushing through the boot
camp sucked out loud.  Rescheduled for October.  The test is largely
centered on simulations and troubleshooting problems.  Don't expect a
lot of questions on syntax or easy stuff like that.  The whole test
focused a great deal on your knowledge of concept application and
ability to troubleshoot a system failure.

Oh, you get an 11X14 dry erase board with a fast-ass marker to take
notes.  Didn't like that either.  Hope your testing center is more

There's also GSN3.  It's open source and runs the dynamips emulation.
The major drawback to tht is you must have the Cisco IOS images in
order for it to work.  And it eats RAM and processors like popcorn!!

Re: Advice on CCNA Lab setup

On Fri, 18 Sep 2009 16:59:30 -0400, nobody@home.ever wrote:

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Thanks for your reply. :) I am looking at GSN3 now.

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Just make sure you have LOTS of RAM and LOTS of CPU.

My setup uses up to 70% of my total RAM (I have only 2GB)

Also the CPU is cranking (Pentium D 915 @ 2.8GHz)

There is a setting attached to the routers called IdlePC, if you tweak
that, it can take some of the load off the CPU.

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