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Yesterday, the email servers at my ISP (cox.net) were all bolloxed up
- I could not send or receive any email at all on any of my accounts.
So I went to the support web page where you report such problems and
filled out the form to let them know about it. Today I gather that
they fixed the problem because I received the following email:


Dear Scott,

Thank you for your e-mail.  I am sorry to see you have e-mail
I am sorry for this inconvenience.

Right now we are experiencing an e-mail outage with the server.
Unfortunately, because this was an unplanned outage we do not have an
expected time of repair, but you can check for an update on the status
of the outage through the following Web site:


If you need any further assistance, please visit our support site for
more FAQs.  


Thank you for choosing Cox Communication as your friend in the Digital

Sincerely, STC - Justin A.  

Cox wants to provide you with the outstanding customer service you
deserve, so please take a few minutes to tell us how we did using the
survey link below.    


Original Message Follows:
Form Message
subject: Email
detail: Cannot send/recieve mail
Comments: Here is the error message we get when we try to access
The RETR command did not succeed.  Error retrieving a message.  Mail
server pop.west.cox.net responded: no such message.
IAmOver13: checkbox
submit: Submit Questions

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Re: If You're Not Here, Raise Your Hand!

"Scott en Aztlán" wrote:
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    That's why there is an Internet II - the first Internet is now
manned by idiots.


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