Problems interconecting modem Dlink DCM-200 and Linksys router

The problem is as follows:
I had 3 wired PCs connected on a Linksys non-wireless router (BEFSR41).
Everything was working well.
I bought a wireless router, also from Linksys (WRK54G), that is very
similar to the other one but that is wireless and I configured it
accordingly to the instructions without any problem.
There was trafic by cable (2 PCs) and by air (portable).
Later, I realize that there was something wrong. The connection was not
regular. I realize that the connection between the modem and the router
stops for 2 to 3 seconds (at least, the link led on the modem and the
internet led on the router go off at the same time) with no aparent
cause). It happens several times per minute.
It happens the same with no PC connected to the router (including
wireless PC). This means that it is not a PC configuration problem.
I already compared the configuration of the old and the new router and
they are, apart the wireless part, the same (the routers are very
similar, apart the wireless section).
I also check that the clone function for the mac address is active on
the router. I believe that the modem sees the right mac address.
I connect the old router and everything is ok.
Does somebody have a clue?
Thank you in advance.
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I would take it back and get another one, if the second one gives you problems then I would conclude that it is a problem in the setup or interference from an outside source or just a bad cable.
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The WRK54G is similar to the BEFSR41 only in that it is in a case that looks similar. While most Linksys products are just fine, the WRK54G was a limitedly produced piece of junk.
Take it back, and get a WRT54G, or WRT54GS instead.
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Warren is probably correct in that your router model is a demonstrated piece of junk.
OTOH, you did power-cycle the modem first when the router was connected to the modem? BTW, you do not need nor want to clone the MAC address of the previous router. Simply pull the power from the modem for one minute, reconnect the power, and the modem will find the router's MAC address as the connected device.
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I have a similar setup; modem is the DLink DCM-200 which I've been using for years with no problem. Router for years has been Linksys wireless B. I "upgraded" to a linksys G a few months ago without incident.
Earlier this week I had some problems with wired and wireless connectivity until it finally died completely. I'm able to plug directly into the modem and connect reliably. I also took the router to work to confirm that still worked. So the combination of Comcast, the DLink and the Linksys have suddenly become incompatible recently.
I just had the Comcast guy out to the house to confirm that their signal was ok and it was. Comcast's site
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the DCM200 states: "This modem cannot be upgraded to comply with the DOCSIS 1.1 specification. If you currently use this model it is not necessary to remove it from the network. However, this device should not be returned to service if sent back to the warehouse, nor should it be purchased for use with the Comcast High-Speed Internet Service."
So I think the most obvious option is to obtain a DOCSIS 1.1 compliant modem (buy or lease from Comcast) and see if it works with the router. I'll post the results here...
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