How to build your own VPN if you're (rightfully) wary of commercial options [telecom]

How to build your own VPN if you're (rightfully) wary of commercial
While not perfect, either, cloud hosting providers have a better
customer data record.
By Jim Salter
In the wake of this spring's Senate ruling nixing FCC privacy
regulations imposed on ISPs, you may be (even more) worried about how
your data is used, misused, and abused. There have been a lot of
opinions on this topic since, ranging from "the sky is falling" to
"move along, citizen, nothing to see here." The fact is, ISPs tend to
be pretty unscrupulous, sometimes even ruthless, about how they gather
and use their customers' data. You may not be sure how it's a problem
if your ISP gives advertisers more info to serve ads you'd like to
see - but what about when your ISP literally edits your HTTP
traffic, inserting more ads and possibly breaking webpages?
With a Congress that has demonstrated its lack of interest in
protecting you from your ISP, and ISPs that have repeatedly
demonstrated a "whatever-we-can-get-away-with" attitude toward
customers' data privacy and integrity, it may be time to look into how
to get your data out from under your ISP's prying eyes and grubby
fingers intact. To do that, you'll need a VPN.
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***** Moderator's Note *****
This is one of those "modertor's privilege" posts: not only does it
bring up the (very real) dangers of trusting sensitive data to your
ISP, but it introduces readers to the "virtual server" world. I have a
(personal) server at, and I highly recommend them: their
motto is "We don't assume you are stupid."
Bill Horne
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