If 11.N is here now...

or at least a draft is rolling of the shelves, then what is around the
Multi channel?
Wireless Network over the soon to be freed up Analog TV channel
frequencies? (Seems unlikley)
More built in 'wifi' in systems, avoiding the need to source add on
All of the above or something else?
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Stalled. Latest prediction is Dec 2009 with not much of a schedule posted.
Maybe. However, the FCC prefers to auction off the frequencies. Money talks.
Most laptops and high end PDA's come with Wi-Fi installed.
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Jeff Liebermann
Sorry, I errrrred. Near as I can decode from the timeline, June 2009 is the latest predicted date for 802.11n.
May 2008, Jacksonville, Florida, US
TGn Draft 4.0 passed recirculation ballot #124 by an 88% majority (75% required) with 253 votes to approve, 34 to not approve, 25 abstain.
All 349 comments from this recirculation ballot were resolved during this meeting, and the working group approved a recirculation ballot on a TGn Draft 5.0, incorporating these comment resolutions.
The current TGn leadership was reaffirmed except for the secretary, who had resigned as a result of a change of employment.
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Jeff Liebermann
note that in your subject you have your initial supposition WRONG... "*IF*" n is here now.. bottom line it ISN'T... even some of the draft stuff won't work with other manufacturers draft stuff, or when the standards are agreed to..... if you see any of the marketing lies like the weasel words "up to" (like in up to 12times the range, up to 4 times the speed, etc....) run.... don't walk.....
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Peter Pan

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