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I recently moved and got new DSL service. I'm supposed to have 1.5 down and 384 up, but I noticed the download seemed quite a bit slower than at my old house where I was supposed to have the same thing. Speed tests consistently report that my download is about 370 and my upload is around 700!

They're sending somebody out to look at it, but I'm wondering where the speed throttling is done? Seems like that doesn't actually have anything to do with the equipment in my house... I'm using the same modem that I used at my old place, and I'm worried they're going to try to sell me a new modem, but I don't think that could be the problem since it worked fine before. And obviously something weird is going on with the speed throttling since my upload is twice what it should be.


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Paul Slocum
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How far are you from the CO?

Downstream data uses higher frequency signalling than the upstream data, and thus is more susceptible to problems caused by distance or by poor quality wires.

It is also possible that your ISP has some wrong settings in their equipment.

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Neil W Rickert

not sure, but it's a huge building with 500+ apartments, and the ISP owns all the wiring there. I suspect it's on site.

that's what I suspect since my upload is supposed to be capped at 384 and it's not.


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