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On Thu, 22 Jun 2006 16:49:33 GMT, Gordon wrote in :

> >>On Mon, 19 Jun 2006 16:07:18 GMT, Gordon >>wrote in : >> >>>I have a LinkSys WAG54G Wireless-G ADSL Gateway set up in our >>>home network,. using our SWBell phone ADSL service. This home >>>network consists of my desktop computer, a homebuilt with an AZUS >>>P2B MB, running Win XP Professional SP2, a WinBook XL3 Laptop and >>>my wife's kitchen computer, an HP desktop, with Windows XP Home >>>addition. >>> >>>My desktop computer has a LinkSys LNE 100TX EtherFast PCI Adapter >>>and is cable connected to the ADSL Gateway. I manage the setup >>>with this computer. I have this home network set up using WPA >>>Pre-Shared Key Security Mode with TKIP Algorithms. We live in a >>>quiet residential neighborhood and I doubt there is any intrusion >>>attempts causing the problems. >>> >>>This home network has been working very well for the past couple >>>of years, but recently it has developed two problems. It drops >>>the connection, briefly, very often. This can happen several >>>times in a ten minute time span, and the dropped connections can >>>last from a second or so to several seconds. The connection is >>>then restored and things go along fine until the next time the >>>connection is dropped. >> >>Probably interference. See Fast Fixes below. >> >John, these Fast Fixes all seem to address wireless problems, but >don't shed much light on ADSL-to-the-server related problems. My >household Wi-Fi network seems to be working quite well, but none >of the three computers involved can secure a solid, reliable ADSL >connection with my SWBell internet service provider.

True, but then this is alt.internet.wireless For DSL, see comp.dcom.xdsl [cross-posted, follow-up set]

SWBell sent a technician out yesterday afternoon. He checked the >line for noise and verified that all was well between my house >and the fiber optics box down the street half a block. He did >find a large wasp nest in the junction box up on the phone line >where my house service drop ties into the main line. He sprayed >the nest, then cleared out all the residue, but that didn't >change the problem. > >I'm wondering if I might have some of my computer settings such >that the ADSL router's buffer or tables are being stressed beyond >their capacity. It just seems odd that this setup would work fine >at some times, then go to hell in a handbasket at other times. >What might I check to see if the problem might be caused by some >of my computer's settings? Thanks for any suggestions. I'll try >anything short of destroying the equipment and buying replacement >stuff. > >Gordon
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John Navas
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Thanks, John, for re-directing me to this group. I am confronted with another problem, and maybe someone here can point me in the right direction. I can't buy a replacement Linksys WAG54G ADSL Gateway.

I have tried locally (Oklahoma City) to purchase a replacement for my Linksys WAG54G Wireless-G ADSL Gateway, but no one has them in stock. Has this item been dropped from production, or is there some other explanation? If the WAG54G is no longer available, what should I consider using as a replacement?

I'm still not absolutely sure this unit is failing, or has failed. It works very well sometimes, then gets all balled up at other times. Is there anything else that might be causing these problems.

My ADSL service provider, SWBell, sent a technician out yesterday and checked the line. That all seems to be in very good order. He even plugged the telephone patch cord that usually connects to my Linksys Gateway into his laptop and checked the line, including the house wiring. This also checked out fine.


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