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I have a ZyXel 660HW-61. I can get to the 660'HWs ADSL internet when my laptop is connected to an RJ45 port on the 660HW, but can't get through when connected by wireless to the 660HW. What am I doing wrong?

I can connect to the 660HW's Web based menu when connected via wireless, and it's dishing out DHCP to my laptop, so the wireless is working.

Laptop is XP SP2, Windows firewall is off, and I've disabled ZoneAlarm for the time being.

IP of laptop wireless is (DHCP via 660HW) Atheros AR5004X IP of laptop copper is (DHCP via 660HW) Realtek RTL8139

Default gateway for both interfaces is - the 660HW's address. Subnet mask for both interfaces is - same for the 660HW

ZyNOS Firmware is 3.40(PE.10) | 10/28/2005 DSL Firmware is TI AR7


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Well, if you can get to the internal web server, then you should be able to see the system status page. Does it show that your DSL ISP has delivered a routeable IP address? If not, you might have some type of authentication or authorization problem.

If it does show routeable IP's and a proper connection, it's time to try using ping. The page will also show a default gateway for the ISP. Try: Start -> run -> cmd ping gateway_ip_address If that works, then try some IP address that's on the internet. If that doesn't work, then your ISP has screwed up the routing.

If it does work, then try ping by name instead of IP address. If that doesn't work, but it worked by IP address, then your DNS servers are all wrong. I can't tell if it's the ISP that has delivered a bogus DNS server, or you have misconfigured the DNS settings on your computer.

Any, the basic idea is to ping devices by IP starting with your Zyxel router, then the ISP gateway, and finally the internet to see where the connection is failing.

Actually, I forgot a step. Is the "DSL" or "Sync" lite turned on? If you have it plugged into the wrong phone line, miswired phone cable, or the telco provisioned the wrong phone line (all too common), you won't have a DSL carrier. The DSL status page will also show some DSL line statistics.

Good info and it all sounds correct. However, your problem is on the DSL (WAN) side of the puzzle. You should probably call your DSL ISP's support people and ask them to run an ATM ping on your account to see if their router and the telco DSLAM can actually "see" your Zyxel router.

That's the latest from the Zyxel web pile. Note that it has a known problem with WPA that causes periodic disconnects. Search this newsgroup for Zyxel 660HW for details.

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Jeff Liebermann

Hi Jeff

Firstly, thanks for your help!

I forgot to mention that internet access is fine over the copper, I can surf away happily. I just can't access the internet when only connected to the 660HW by wireless... It's almost like the 660HW isn't allowing the ADSL WAN to talk to the wireless LAN. I've checked the firewall settings on the 660HW, and it's wide open both ways at the moment, I even tried turning off the firewall functionality...

Jeff Liebermann wrote:

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That's weird. Yet you say you can connect to the 660HW's internal web server without difficulties.

Well, check if you have MAC address or IP address filtering (permit or block) enabled and turn them both off. I think the Zyxel 660HW has a feature where you can select which IP's or MAC's are allowed to connect to the internet. That feature doesn't affect connecting to the internal web server or other clients. This seems to match the symptoms.

If that's not it, scribble down the important DSL settings, reset the entire router back to defaults, and start over. It's really easy to screw up some obscure setting, and never be able to find it again.

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Jeff Liebermann

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