Hi Everyone

I am on the lookout for an OMNI directional antenna with a gain of not less than 12dBi. It is for outside use.

I am a misely old bugger and don't want to pay the big bucks for a new one.



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FredZ hath wroth:

Ah, my kind of cheapskate. Wanna build an antenna instead?

Omnidirectional antennas suck. What you want is a sector antenna. Lots of gain, cheap, fair vertical radiation pattern, cheap, easy to build, cheap, and fairly good bandwidth. Oh yeah, they're cheap and easy to build. 5 sections (110 degrees horizontal beamwidth) yields a theoretical 13.6dBi gain.

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Jeff Liebermann


You did mention that they're cheap to build, right? :-)

(sorry, couldn't resist...)


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William R. Walsh

I'm practicing being subtle. I don't think it's working.

Omni antennas are incredibly difficult to build. That's because there's nothing to support the driven elements. More specifically, everything above the connector is part of the driven elements. There's also nothing worse than building an omni antenna, testing it perfectly on the bench, stuffing it into a plastic or fiberglass tube, and finding that everything has moved down in frequency.

For example, here's an allegedly "easy" to build omni:

That's not my idea of easy (or a good antenna as the coax cable parts have fairly high losses).

Here's a 5dBi vertical colinear kit, which is also not my idea of easy to build:

Antennas double in size for every 3db gain, so a 12dBi will be about

4-6 times larger (and more complex).

On the other foot, the AMOS/Franklin sector antennas have the back reflector to support the driven elements. Much easier to build, less critical, fewer parts, and cheaper. Using a plastic rain gutter as a radome has resulted in only a tiny frequency shift. Also, sector antennas are much better for most applications as they can be tilted downward, while omnis have an inherent uptilt.

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