19db Omni Antenna - No Effect


I'm a noob at this, so maybe someone can clarify the basics for me. I've been using an EnGenius 362-EXT usb wifi card and wanted to improve my reception. I'm sharing internet in an apartment building, so I thought of getting a better antenna. I splurged on a 19dbi omni directional antenna (its massive, like 88cm) but once installed, I didn't noticed a reception difference. Is the usb card not powerful enough to power the antenna? (does that statement even make sense?) I just don't see why they make antennas so large, when it doesn't seem to add any reception. I've decided to order a hawking signal booster, but will it make a difference? Will it improve reception, and what should I do with the antenna? Was it a waste of money? Thanks Eric

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Before you go buying anything else, what are the environmental aspects of the apartment complex between you and the access point. What is the distance between you and the access point? How many obstructions are in the way? What is the vertical difference? Those are important factors.

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I have the same usb wifi and that unit seems to like the antenna that comes with it.

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