Major Wifi Project, you will find it Very Interesting

Im building a wifi Tower which i'm using to supply a whole community with wireless internet, i bought a 15dbi omni directional antenna and a

24dbi directional antenna.I am thinking of putting the tower about 8ft above the height of the houses which is 9 1/2 ft high. Note the Community is Really big and im on a little hill which is the highest point of the community..

I need some help to construct this Successfully, i will be here to give all the info you need to help me out..

Please note that i want to use a pci wireless card on all of the client machines without them have to use a outdoor antenna..

My Wirelss Ap is a US Robotics 1908.

_Technical_Specification_of_the_15_dbi_omni_antenna...__ Frequency Range 2400 to 2500 MHz Gain 15 dBi Impedance 50 ohms Polarisation Linear Vertical Connector RP SMA Male or N-Type Female Dimensions Height 1860mm Depth 40mm


2.4 GHz ISM Band Wireless Bridges Backhaul Applications IEEE 802.11b and 802.11g Wireless LAN WiFi Systems Point to Point Systems Point to Multi-point Systems Long-range Directional Applications 8° beam-width 24 inch coax lead

Please For all your help..Thanks:D

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You seem to be way in over your head on this. Hire a professional company that has done this before.

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So, without any planning and consulting with an expert you've already started buying gear? Prepare for disappointment and wasted money.

"Really big" and "little hill" are meaningless. Use real measurements.

Let's introduce you to the evil triangle:

Good Fast Cheap

Pick two.

What you "want" versus what will function may well be completely beyond your budget.

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Bill Kearney

My thoughts too. How did you decide what to buy? What's your distribution strategy - since it appears that you are already buying gear, do you know how you intend to use it?

Sounds like you did, in fact, jump the gun.

You could forget about your antennas for the moment and start at the beginning by detailing how many clients you expect to support, the lay of the land (elevation variation, distances, line of sight (or not), your internet connection, composition of any walls you want the signal to pass though and whether you are isolated in the country, in a city, etc. , ...

I'm sure I left some out, but that would be a start.

Cheers, Steve

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John Navas

Just to clue you can have an access point at 50 feet and get good OUTSIDE signal level to a laptop 500 feet away. But step on the other side of the house and its dead.

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