Wireless working on one PC but not on another

I have a router with 2 PC's with USB adapters, they are set for DHCP and have worked well for 2 years but the other day it stopped working on my daughter's PC. I'm not all that clued up on the settings.

I've checked that all the setting are the same and I've even tried swapping the adapters round and her PC is still giving problems. It's not the firewall.

I've notived that the status of the network gives the SSID of the router and it cliams to have a good strength but it cannot determin and IP address, - I've even tried to set the IP's manually but same story.

Does anybody have any ideas of what I should try next?

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Download (Google) and run 'winsockxpfix.exe', this will most likely cure the problem.

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Edward W. Thompson

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