wireless transmission: any suggestion?

When playing music on youtube or similar websites I would like to transfer the audio signal from the PC to the speaker which are at about 10 feet away.

I was wondering if there is a device that transfers the signal wirelessly from the PC to the Speaker.

I have checked for some wireless speaker but the price is from $90 for a very mediocre ones.

any suggestion?


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You want a media sender type of device.

You could also do it with a short-range FM transmitter which are now legal in the UK. You can get doodads for your ipod to let them broadcast in FM so you can listen to it on your car radio.

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Mark McIntyre

you're asking for TWO devices.... One to plug into the headphone jack and xmit a signal.... RF or IR to the "pair" of spreakers... sort of like wireless headphones. One to receive the RF or IR signal for "each" speaker... guessing you have 2 ?

This is more of a ipod or "wireless headphone/speaker" type question..... so look for that kind of device.... also - checkout the Bluetooth versions. Plus - how are the speakers going to receive the signal ?

Sure will be much more expensive than a roll of speaker cable...

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On Fri, 2 Oct 2009 10:40:15 -0700 (PDT), Vinnie wrote in :

Wireless speakers aren't cheap.

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John Navas

You can use an AirFoil for Windows to transmit any Windows audio to an AirPort Express, and output that to your choice of powered speakers. I see lots of Expresses on eBay for under $40 (many for less; . The older b/g version will work fine for this application. You will need an 802.11 adapter for your PC, too.


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Steve Fenwick

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