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I need a dimable outlet capable of supporting up to 1000W. Does anybody know of such a source for such an animinal? Would it be possible to gang 4 300W outlets together to acomplish the same thing? ( I assume I could address all

4 the same.)

TIA for any feedback.

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Travis Smith
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Ganging up multiple lower-rated items will *NOT* work acceptably. While it looks good "in theory", "in reality" there are problems. Starting with the 'imbalances' that develop if one unit doesn't step exactly in sync with others. Or, if one fails 'open', the others are overloaded -- resulting in 'magic smoke' release, with possibly catastrophic *other* side-effects.

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Robert Bonomi

I used a 1000W

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dimmer installed in a double box and wired the plug through the dimmer next to it.

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