Ethernet bus transmission (urgent!)

Hi newbie here. Would like to seek help on this question regding Ethernet.

Q: In Ethernet bus transmission, sender needs to monitor the line for collision signal after sending message. If the length of backbone is

500 meters and the transmission speed is 250 meters per second, how many seconds must the sender monitor the line for collision signal? Why?

Urgent help needed & deeply appreciated.

Thks! :lol:

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Someone looking for help with homework? The answer is contained in your text book, among many other sources. Also, that must be real crappy cable, if it's propogation rate is only 250 M/s. Perhaps they're using two cans and a string. ;-)

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James Knott

LOL! Sounds like homework. Small clue -- propagation speed is closer to 2e8 m/s . Think about it for yourself a bit. That's what homework is designed to do.

-- Robert

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Robert Redelmeier

I've seen several answers posted to your earlier post of this same question. Nagging people will just get you flamed.

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