Wireless Switch on Toshiba 1415

Hi, Everyone!

I've been using my Toshiba 1415-S173 with a 802.11b (Lucent Chipset) Mini PCI card for the past year and a half. Worked great, and the little on/off switch on the side worked perfectly for the wireless (light came on, turned off).

I put put a Intel 2200GB Mini PCI to replace the old card and get

802.11g capability, and the card works perfectly. However, the on/off switch on the Toshiba has no effect on the Mini PCI card.

I put the old Lucent (Orinoco) chipset Mini PCI back in and it works fine with the switch.

Is there some way I could possibly get this switch working?


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Any idea oh how to get the switch to work?

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