WPA setup question.

Please excuse my lack of knowledge with regards to firewalls and security. I have a very simple setup:

1 laptop Linksys DSL modem BEFW11S4

The connection between my laptop and the router is wireless.

I would like to setup using WPA. When I'm configuring the router and select WPA it allows me to enter a "key" and also a "Group renewal period". My questions are: How important is the key? Is it important to use a large key and remember it? Do I need to enter a Group renewal period? If so, what is a reasonable time period to enter? And finally, will I need to do anything to my laptop to allow it to connect to the router after I enable WPA?

TIA for any help, Bill

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Bill & Debbie
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I see that the 11s4 V4 router has WPA. I don't know when that was implemeted as I dumped the 11s4 v1 router long ago when it only had WEP. Why don't you try alt.internet.wireless?

Duane :)

Duane :).

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Duane Arnold

The renewal period is a means to revalidate the key periodically. If you have HI security environment, the key make get changed every day and the renewal will be sure to recognize the change. Home users don't need a renewal too frequently.

The pass-phrase, ah, that's important.

1) make sure you can type it correctly even though it may only display as ************** 2) it should be, mixed case, one or more numbers, and one or more special characters (ie +number key) and as long as you can follow (1) above.

I like using a common special character as a replacement for the key

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Jeff B

It is critically important that the WPA key be longer than 20 characters, due to a flaw in the implementation that allows power guessing of the key, even if the encryption itself does not get cracked.


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I was told that it was much more than 20 characters. Like double that number.

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Well, it's not quite that straightforward, if you use strange characters you can get away with less, if you use simple alphabet, you need more. In general 20 characters is enough if you mix up the characters, which should always be standard practice on any password or passphrase. If you use just alphabet, 40 would probably be good. Really given the nature of the exposure, 63 characters would be more appropriate.

Some additional reading for those that are interested:

formatting link


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