Wireless-N with SNMP and SSH/Telnet

I'm looking for a new wireless router because my WRT54G has to be rebooted pretty much every day. I have a few requirements though... Must have at least 2 LAN ports. 10/100 is fine, I don't need Gb. I also want to be able to monitor the router with SNMP. A CLI interface would also be nice. However, I would really like to upgrade to Wireless-N.

Does anyone know if a router exists with these features? I can't seem to find one. However, most manufacturers don't list their management mechanisms.


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Yeah. Kinda sounds like a WRT54G v5 or v6. Look on the serial number tag for the hardware version. I've managed to stabilize two v5 WRT54G routers recently by installing DD-WRT firmware. Unfortunately, I had lousy luck doing the same thing on v5 and v6 routers a few years ago. My guess is that there are some subtle differences in the older and newer boards. It also might be the power supply as there have been several reports of miraculous repairs by simply replacing the wall wart.

Well, DD-WRT gives you all that (except MIMO) but not on the WRT54G v5-v8 hardware mutations. Some of the Linksys MIMO routers are supported. I think the WRT350N might be worth a look but I haven't personally tried it. I did try the WRT600N, with not very good results. DD-WRT just doesn't support dual band 2.4/5.6Ghz routers quite yet. Check the supported hardware list for anything else that looks interesting:

I don't know why you really want MIMO at this time.

I use SNMP (MRTG and RRDTool) quite a bit for monitoring:

It doesn't have everything I want, but good enough.

Telnet and SSH work well on DD-WRT.

My office running DD-WRT v24 RC6.2

Hmmm... 14 days uptime. Is that good enough?

Other alternative firmware implimentations are Tomato and OpenWRT. Tomato is geared for monitoring on the internet web server, but not with SNMP:

That's because they usually don't have any management beyond the usual web based interface. Some routers have SNMP, but only for setting parameters, not monitoring. If the router does have telnet, SSN, and SNMP, it will almost always be listed in the feature list. Basically, what you're looking for is not commonly found in commodity hardware. It's called a "managed router" with the managed meaning SNMP. Look at some higher end hardware from Cisco, Sonicwall, 3Com, etc if you want it stock from the manufactory.

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