Wireless Internet conflicts???

You will both be connecting to the same AP I take it? You will then both be on the same channel of the 11 available. You talk to the AP not to each other, or each other through the AP. You can have 100's of laptops near each other and they don't disturb each other (as far as I know). But if you have a lot of AP's around that are on the same channel they will screw everything up even with different SSID's. That is why you always try to set your AP to a different channel than what is near you. Preferably using channels 1,6 or 11. Do a search for nearby AP's and figure out which channel is strongest and use another channel at least 5 channels awayfrom that for best performance. The phone works a different way, usually with spread spectrum which is why it screws it up. Also microwave ovens use 2.4 so that will affect it when it is running too.

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I just got a laptop with wireless internet (which I must say I love), and it works at 2.4GHz. I have a cordless phone that also works at 2.4GHz, and everytime I answer the phone, I get disconnected from the internet, which I understand is because they are both operating at the same frequency. Now my brother-in-law's girlfriend just ordered a laptop, which will also be operating at the same frequency. Will there be any problems with the 2 laptops operating at the same frequency? I understand that both laptops will be affected by the phone, and that's fine, but I want to make sure that we will both be able to connect to the internet at the same time without any problems. Can anybody confirm or dispute this?

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the laptops will be fine, they'll also work a whole lot better if you change the radio channel of either the phone or the access point so that they don't interfere!

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