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does andybody know if there is a harddrive out there to wire directly into the switch of my router?? my desktop connected to my router is pretty old and i wanted to get an external HD like 500 gb or 1 tb to be able to be used remotely from my laptop.. if you know of an actual product or just some keywords to search for that would be great.. thanks :)

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Ya, it's called a NAS or Network Attached Storage.


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Adair Winter

krenshaw04 hath wroth:

Yep. It's called NAS (Network Attached Storage). The drive appears as a shared network drive to Windoze. I use those instead of USB and Fireware external drives.

Be sure to read the reviews and note the performance differences. Some NAS drives are slower than a snail.

If your ancient desktop is running W95/W98/ME, you're going to have problem. Consider upgrading the laptop before buying a bigger dumpster.

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Jeff Liebermann

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