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I'm a Uni student and have just moved into a rented student room. the only available internet here is wireless, and i have a desktop PC. Simple, Me's thinks. I'll get a wireless USB adapter and i'll be away.

Whylst the adapter is plugged in there is a constant chance that the PC will freeze. it just locks up, the sound goes heywire and i have to physically restart it. It only dose this when the dongles plugged in, and it could go all evening without an issue or it could do it 8 times a night. I have been through 2 Belkin G+ MIMO's a buget G+ that i forget the name and brand of, and i am now on a Belkin G+ (not MIMO). If anything the current belkin G+ crashes slightly more than the others but theres not much in it. Connecting to a Belkin G+ MIMO router. any sugesgions? As i have said when its not plugged in there are no issues what so-ever. also, when i'm back home using old faithful (cat5 or a USB modem) its fine and dandy. JUST the wireless. its driving me insane!

please help me!

I apologise for spelling and grammer. I'm dyslexic

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Assumption, the mother of all screwups.

Any particular model Belkin USB wireless adapter? This one?

Any particular model PC? Any particular operating system? Have you tried the other USB ports? Do other USB devices work as expected? (memory, printers, mouse, etc) Is the USB port USB 1.0, 1.1, or 2.0? It should be 2.0. Have you checked that you have the latest Belkin driver?

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results.

Uninstall the driver and try a different brand wireless device. Just borrow one from someone else. If Windoze XP or Vista, be sure to make a "Restore Point" backup to make sure you can undo any damage caused by the driver. If that does the same thing, then there's something wrong with either your USB port, USB Windoze driver, or Windoze configuration. I can't tell which from your description but am inclined to suspect hardware. I've worked around such issues as defective USB ports on the motherboard, but simply plugging in a PCI USB 2.0 card and using it instead.

Is it this one? Belkin has several G+ routers.

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