Wireless encryption (Linksys)?

No, that's not normal. My guess(tm) is that your laptop is waiting for DNS resolution and is timing out on the primary DNS server and switching to the secondary. Only the first lookup will be delayed because Windoze will remember the failed DNS lookup for about 10 minutes. Check your DNS settings and IP's. You can probably test this by opening an MSDOS window and trying to ping a web site by name and IP address. It it takes a while for the name resolution to appear, but not when pinged by IP address, there's your problem.

Try a better log viewer:

formatting link
that doesn't work with the WAP54G using the stock firmware. The product page announces that:

...due to their inability to forward log entries as SNMP trap the WRT54G, WRT54GS routers running their original firmware are not supported, this may look different when using modified firmware revisions (like the one provided by Sveasoft for example, if it adds support for sending SNMP Trap messages)

I'm not sure if it works with the WAP54G using Sveasoft Freya firmware.

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I finally go both Notebooks to run off my Wireless-G AP (Linksys WAP54G V2).

I've also got the WPA-PSK ~ TKIP key(s) operating so I should now be safe from outside attacks.

Two things I wonder whether you could clarify for:

  1. Is it normal that sometimes it may take a minute or so to get 'packets' to upload? It may say connected, excellent strength, but for a while when first switched on, or if it's been left idle for some time, it takes some time before I get into any urls' etc.

  1. The Linksys html setup page. I have enabled 'log' onto my main computer. I can view a one liner log from the html interface, basically logs time and MAC address's of computers. But the 'freeby' log viewer I can never get to see anything in there, neither know how to? Does anyone use this facility and if so what do I need to do to enable it? And what information is it supposed to log? MAC address, url's visited etc?

Many thanks

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