Speed problems with Linksys WAP

Hello all,

I have a Linksys WAP54G and a couple Acer notebooks. My connection speed varies wildly for no reason I can discern.

When I first turn on my notebooks (or "Repair" the wireless connection), I get:

Speed: 54.0 Mbps Signal strength: Excellent

This will last for a few minutes and then it switches to:

Speed: 24.0 Mbps Signal strength: Excellent

But when it does switch to 24.0 Mbps, it is not just under half as fast as when it was at 54.0 Mbps. It's closer to 1/10 the speed.

The signal strength never changes from excellent. And the WAP is no more than 20 feet away from the notebooks (although it is on the other side of a normal house interior wall). I used to have an Acer notebook (made 3 years ago) that always maintained a solid 54.0 Mbps connection. But for some reason these two new notebooks spend most of their time at 24.0 Mbps. They'll sit there for a few minutes, go back to 54.0 for a minute, and then back to 24.0 for a few minutes.

This happens on both laptops, and it isn't affected by whether or not the other notebook is on.

Anyway, I was just wondering if there are some kind of wireless settings I should be examining. And why is 24.0 Mbps a tenth the speed of 54.0 Mbps? And why, if the problem is simply reception, is it that my signal strength always reads as Excellent?

Thanks in advance.


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Sounds like interference... Mine started doing that (slowing down) and after a few months, I finally narrowed it down to a hi intensity lights transformer. If you want a quick test, I just turned off all the breakers for the whole house ( cept one, I plugged the wap into that, ran the laptops on batteries) just to see if that changed/narrowed it down, when it did, I just started turning on one breaker at a time until it started screwing up again.

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