Can you get home wireless broadband in London?

Is it possible yet to get a completely wireless broadband connection in your home in London on a desktop computer?

The only thing I have seen close is the Orange offer but that requires you to have a BT phone line which says to me that this is a hybrid phone/wireless internet not wireless broadband?

TIA, Pep.

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Full wireless connectivity, that is, you have a wireless adapter on your computer and receive a wireless signal from 'somewhere' without benefit of a wired connection to your house, is VERY rare. Some cellular phone companies do have this type of connection. One purchases a wireless PC card, just like one does a cell phone, and use the card to connect to the cellular broadband system. The fee for this type of service is not inexpensive in the US.

The systems that broadcast a wireless signal that can be picked up by a normal PC-Card, exclusive of cell phone systems, is called WiMAX, and is under development, probably at least three to five years in the future for general access.

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I think what your looking for is called a wisp - Wireless Isp - there have been atempts to set them up Manchester rings a bell and I am fairly sure that BT where/are doing some trials

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has a list of uk wisps if you are out in the sticks
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has some info on diy comunity solutions.

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