Wire intranet to wireless network with seamless communication with all PCs

This is just a general discussion on the ablility to connect a wireless access point to and existing intranet.

I would like to be able to connect an access point to a Windows 2003 server and have DHCP from the server configure the PCs, and access point IP addresses. The goal would be that all PCs on both the wireless and wired network are able to ping each other.

Any information on the equipment or what type of approach to take would be helpful. Thanks.

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Eric L.
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Replace intranet with LAN unless you have internal routers seperating network segments.

No problem. Most access points usually do NOT have built in DHCP servers. If your prospective access point has a DHCP server, then be prepared to disable it. Access points are also bridges which know nothing about IP addresses and IP services. Broadcasts, including DHCP requests, go right through the access point unchanged.

This should be plug and play (famous last words).

There have been reports of some access points screwing with broadcasts in some manner, but I haven't personally seen the problem.

No recommendation without expected price, power, range, coverage, number of users, etc.

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Jeff Liebermann

Assuming you have permission to do this, yes it ought to work just fine. Just make sure your network administrators (if you're not it) are aware you're going to connect an access point to it. Security being the issue of couse.

-Bill Kearney

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Bill Kearney

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