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If my laptop wireless network settings go haywire, and I know a day/time when everything was working fine, can I use WinXP's system restore to go back to that point in time so that everything is working properly again? Or do these settings, even if they are incorrect, get set as soon as Windows starts up, so that no matter how many times or to whatever date I restore, the incorrect settings will still be in effect?

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On Mon, 20 Nov 2006 13:41:49 GMT, 46erjoe wrote in :

That really depends on what's gone wrong. In general, it shouldn't be an issue. Do you have a specific concern?

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John Navas

On Tue, 21 Nov 2006 02:30:12 GMT, John Navas wrotF:

Yeah I do. After spendin $250 for the GeekSquad to set up my home wireless system - it was a bummer - even THEY had to phone for help from a whole crew of technicians - they finally got it working.

All was fine for 2 weeks. Then I took the laptop on vacation with me. In several places it wanted to connect with unsecured wireless systems and I let it do so to check on the news, weather, etc.

Then when I brought it home, it would not connect to my home network. I have done everything I thought would work, and to no avail.

The main PC works fine. According to the Dell utility, it's putting out oodles of power, but it just won't connect no matter what I try. But it will connect with a neighbors nearby wirelss network. It just won't connect to MINE. My task bar indicates that a "netrwork cable is unplugged" and "wireless network connection not connected"

Well, everything IS plugged right. My Dell netwrok utility can see that it's putting out a lot of power. Nothing will let me connect to it though.

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46erjoe hath wroth:

Since I have no idea what you have for hardware my best guess(tm) is:

  1. DCHP looking for old IP address. Try: start -> run -> cmd ipconfig /release (wait about 10 seconds) ipconfig /renew Then run: ipconfig if it reports an IP address such as, it's working. If it's, it's not working. If it's, then wait a while.
  2. If it's a Toshiba laptop, there's a tiny hidden slide switch somewhere along the edge of the laptop that turns the wireless on and off.
  3. If it's an HP laptop, there's a big button with a blue LED that turns the wireless on and off.
  4. If it's any other laptop, it also has a function key combination that turns the wireless on and off.
  5. If it's Windoze XP, right click on the wireless icon in the system tray and make sure it's not disabled.

If any of these work for your, please send the $250 to the address below.

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Jeff Liebermann
46erjoe hath wroth:

Yes, but I wouldn't do it. It's highly likely that it will happen again. Rolling back Windoze Restore is a bit of a heavy hammer for fixing minor problems. Methinks it's best to determine the cause of the problem and learn how to fix it.

The setttings will be restored. However, there are other things that affect wireless connectivity that will not be restored, such as the DHCP cache and DNS cache.

Incidentally, for backing up and restoring just the registry, and not all the DLL's, system executeables, and updates, I use ERUNT:

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this I would advise against as you will probably make a mess with this or System Restore if you're not careful.

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