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I have an old win98 laptop on my network which I use for a print server and few other housekeeping duties. I am using a Netgear wg111 v2 usb adapter with it, but can rarely go more than an hour without getting a blue screen error message or a system freeze up. Most of these seem to be related to the driver's adapter (I have the most recent driver version but have tried earlier versions with the same result). I have tried other adapters I have sitting around, but they don't seem to work at all. The computer is too old to spend a lot of money on upgrades, but I don't want to use an expensive new computer doing what the current one does. Anybody have any ideas?

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Gregory Johnston
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Run linux on it instead. You'll trade one set of headaches for others but there's at least some chance the USB and wireless stuff will work better.

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Bill Kearney

USB problems with Win98? Nah! Never!

Seriously, if you want to continue using Win98 then go with a PCI adapter.. I'm sure you can find something cheap enough on Ebay.

First thing though: do you use WPA? If so, you are going to have to a bit of research to narrow cards down as not many will support WPA on Win98. Microsoft never put out a WPA supplicant for Win98. There are some free ones out there, including (IIRC) Mcafe's. I seem to recall a number of people using theirs with Linksys PCI cards under Win98. I was using a supplicant put out by DLink a while back on a DLink card under Win98 on an older computer and it "somewhat worked". It wasn't for that specific card, but worked "well enough". That older computer is now running FreeBSD (its also just for some generic LAN chores), so I'm no longer in the W98 loop.

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Another idea... If you can find a wireless-ethernet bridge cheap enough for your liking, thats even better.

No wireless drivers to mess with as it would be completetly standalone. Just plug it into a NIC..

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