WiFi in Burger King?

I'm having lunch at a BK here in Wichita, KS. Just for kicks I decided to bring my Thinkpad and check to see if there are any hotspots nearby - there is one here in the restaurant!

Do most BK's have WiFi or am I just lucky?


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Ken Bessler
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if they didn't advertise it you probably got the store's unsecured network.

73, rich, n9dko
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They offer wifi to make up for such bad food...

But seriously. I wouldn't know. Isn't there a website that shows you were wifi locations are at in your area? We have them at Subway sandwich shops around here. But I don't think Burger King offers them. It may just be up the franchise owner on rather or not to offer wifi.

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Wish we had a BK here - they closed it a couple of years ago.

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"Ken Bessler" hath wroth:

Looks like the various Burger Thing franchisee's contract individually for Wi-Fi service. For example, this one for Washington DC area:

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clue if there's anything similar for Kansas. The local (Santa Cruz CA and Scotts Valley CA) Burger Things don't have Wi-Fi.

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Jeff Liebermann

That sucks. Do you have a fish and chip shop?

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I would imagine a few aare playing with it since McDonald's pretty much all have it now. BK owners may be thinking McD's wifi is curbing their business.

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