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Hello, my HP laptop can't see the wireless net, and the light of the wifi board is off. Does anyone know if I have to turn on anything with the hardware... or activate anything from the options?

Thank you, Paolo

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push the on/off button near the blue light on the front.

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I do it, but the light stays off.

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"vvega" hath wroth:

That's what happens when the wireless device is disabled or missing. This would have been easier if you had supplied the exact HP model number. It's also possible that the laptop does not have a wireless card installed. Check the specifications and equipment list.

Try these in the following order until the light comes on:

  1. Unplug your ethernet cable. Try the button.
  2. on the keyboard. Try the button.
  3. Right click on the wireless icon in the system tray. Select "enable" if it offers the choice. Try the button.
  4. Control Panel -> Network Right click on the wireless icon and make sure the device is enabled. It's a bit difficult to tell for sure, so if the properties menu offers to "disable" the device, it's enabled. Try the button.
  5. Some laptops have a wirless enable/disable in the BIOS. Check the BIOS settings for this feature. Try the button.
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