Bluetooth Ethernet Connector

Hey, I might buy a phone that allows bluetooth internet on it. Is there such thing as a ethernet bluetooth connector. Basic a bluetooth transmitter (that a phone can pick up) that can be connected to an ethernet port on my router to give a wireless bluetooth internet connection. If so where can i get one? Thanks Chris

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Check out the anycom ap-2002

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it's a bt pan/wan that supports 7 users and plugs into an ethernet router to give the BT users full access to the network....

If you have one of the USB dongles on a 'puter on the network, any network user (ethernet or BT) can use the phone as a device on the network (USB dongle to phone, as a device accessible by anyone on the BT network or the ethernet network)...

If you only want to use the device as a network modem (USB BT dongle to phone, as a device on the network)

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