Why is the connection dropped?

I have a pair of Viewsonic (WAPBR-100) 3-in-1 AP's and most of the time they're fine for the job -- I use them in bridge mode to connect two wired LANs on different floors in the building, < 100 feet apart.

I've enabled MAC access control as well as WPA.

At random times, they seem to lose each other but will come back after a while without any intervention. No course of action consistently brings them back, but I think that the events become less frequent after changing channels. My best guess, being no expert, is that the hardware cannot handle a bunch of connection attempts from different places.

I bought these a while ago and they were cheap. I have been surprised they work as well as they do. I'd be happy to replace them with something more reliable, though.

Any ideas or suggestions welcome --

I see Kennan promoted here, but I don't know if I need 400mW.


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