Who makes this Cable & Wireless box?

I have two Cable & Wireless "Wireless 11g ADSL2+ Router" Model adslr10cw3xi.

The ADSL router side of things seems to work fine but the wireless died in one of them when barely used and the wireless in the other seems problematic now it is in heavier use.

It looks pretty similar to

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Amazingly there is no product support that I can find. I would suspect that the unit in any event is badged. Any idea where I could find firmward updates to see if that fixes my problem?

Many thanks

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It might be easier in the long run to just add a standalone Access Point (or wireless router configured as AP) to replace the dodgy wireless functionality of the DSL modem.

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Char Jackson

Probably but sometimes the resident guru here comes up with gems.

It's an ADSL modem - and I prefer to have two even though one is used as an AP as it means I have in theory a backup. For the moment the unit(s) work quite well as router/modems but not as wireless :(

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Its never a good sign when the best link I can find on that model seems to be _your_ own original post. ;])

Has 'Cable & Wireless' _any_ tech support link/contact at all to jumpstart the search with?

berk in the olden days I'd poke at it's addresses with a terminal and seek to find the underlying manufacturer. Man, that seems like ages ago...

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