What do you think about Skypho?

Call everyone, everywhere, for free, using Voip on your Internet Broadband connection.

By registering without charge to the Skypho network, you get a telephone number, with your City prefix, that is immediately reachable by any other telephone.

You can call using your computer, either using any telephone or Voip Gateway compatible with the SIP protocol.

For further information, please visit:

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Quote from the Skypho website...

"The Skypho network is a project born from the deranged minds..."


Iro5 wrote:

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VoIP Skinny

Tried registering. To put your address in you choose from a long list of countries - unfortunately the UK wasn't one of them! I've e-mailed them about it so we'll see what happens...

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Sounds like a good thing to me.

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Have the Skype / Ebay lawyers been in touch yet ? Only matter of time.... Regards, Martin

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Speaking of Skype/Ebay, there was a paging service called Skyper in Germany in the 1990s (not too successful as GSM quickly became popular). They still seem to be active as a brand; try

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Georg Schwarz

Thus spaketh Telephoneman:

They have updated the countries list. The UK was on there when you tried, just that it was in Italian, however now it is in English.

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Do they have phone numbers anywhere besides Italy & Romania?


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The J-Man

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