Can't connect to the internet with Linksys WRT54G

Wanting to move from "B" to "G", I have just attempted to connect to the internet with a new Linksys WRT54G router and am having problems connecting to the internet. I have been using a BEFW11S4 without problems. I have manually setup the new router using the same setup config as the BEFW11S4 and am having problems. What am I doing wrong? TIA, Keith

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kb wrote in news:

What IP is the computer getting? If the IP starts with the 169 IP, the O/S cannot get an IP from the DHCP server on the router and is timing out assigning the IP to the NIC. The IP will allow the computer to access the machines on the LAN but it will not allow the computer to access the Internet, since it never got an IP from the router. WPA -- WEP keys are not valid, not using B or G, MAC access, bad router and bad card could be some of the issues. One poster had a mis-config card something about duplex-ing was the problem -- I don't know.

You just might want to get on the phone with Linksys. They are good for something. :)

Duane :)

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Duane Arnold

  1. Take the wireless out of the picture temporarily and do your testing with a wired connection to the router. Setup the wireless after you get a connection to the internet. Check the status page to see if you have a connection to your ISP.
  2. If your unspecified ISP uses the MAC address of the client for authentication, you may need to "clone" the MAC address of the old router (manually). This is common with cable modem setups. Whenever you make changes to the MAC addresses, power cycle everything including the cable/dsl/satellite modem.
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