When is broadband faster than wireless?

Well, maybe this is an obvious question, but I thought, let me just make sure! If my wireless router supports speeds of 54mbps then should I increase speeds accordingly with a faster connection up to the point of 54mbps? My DSL provider claims speeds UP TO 2400 kbps (or 2.4 mbps) so can I assume, that the router will handle that speed with no problem? (although I know better than to assume, because we all know what happens when we do that!) Thanks for clearing things up for me!

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snipped-for-privacy@yahoo.com said the following on 1/11/2006 7:48:

Your router will do fine.

But don't expect the wireless to run at 54Mbit/sec all the time. My experience is that it's difficult to achieve these advertised speeds in real world conditions.


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snipped-for-privacy@yahoo.com hath wroth:

A good rule of thumb is that your wireless will have a thruput of about half the connection speed. Therefore, if you connect via wireless at 54Mbits/sec, you'll get about 25Mbits/sec thruput, which is 10 times faster than your 2.4Mbits/sec DSL connection. Use the wireless client status display to check your current connection speed.

When your wireless connection slows down to about 9Mbits/sec due to interference or RF obstructions, is when you should start seeing bottlenecks. It won't be exactly half the connection speed because it's highly likely that there will also be retransmissions due to lost packets, which will slow down the wireless even more.

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