WG302 and WG302v2 in REPEATER MODE


I have a Netgear DG834PN [A] modem/router and I have disabled the wireless on it. The DHCP server is active. The router IP is manually entered. The router is configured for internet access. I have connected a Netgear WG302v2 [b] accesspoint to the router via an ethernet cable and enabled the wireless security to be WEP 64bit. It is set to get a DHCP address. I have configured a secondary accesspoint Netgear WG302v1 [C] (I couldn't find another v2 in the market!) with the same settings, and situated it on the second floor. It too gets a DHCP address. It isn't connected to anything.

In both B and C I have enabled "Enable Wireless Bridging and Repeating" and selected "Repeater with Wireless Client Association" and I placed B's MAC in C's configuration as the remote MAC and similarly vice versa.

I have the following issue:

When I am on the second floor and I'm connected to the C I can ping A,B,C, and hence can surf the internet. When I am on the ground floor, and am connected to B, I can only ping B and C. Replies from A come once every 20 pings, hence I cannot surf the internet.

Any help will be appreciated.

George Z

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