Weird Wireless Issue

I have had a Linksys wireless router for awhile now. I have one computer connected directly to it and two laptops that connect to it via wireless. All has been working well now for a few years.

Today, on one of the laptops, the connection started getting slow until it ultimately stopped. I unplugged my modem and router, let it sit for a few minutes, and plugged them back in. Still no luck.

As it turned out, the computer that's hooked up directly to the router worked fine and the other laptop was connecting fine.

So, I tested to see if the laptop in question could connect to ANY network. I went down to the lobby of my apartment building and found an cafe with internet connection. The laptop connected just fine to this network connection.

For some reason, it just won't connect to my wireless router anymore. What's more is that it will see the connection on the list, and when I try to connect to it, it will do one of three things:

1) It will connect but I will get "Limited of no connectivity" 2) It will prompt me to put in the password but it will never connect 3) It will say "network no longer found" (this happens the most frequently)

Any ideas??

Thanks in advance, Jeremy

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One other thing I just discovered, for the first time since it happened, it finally connected; but it was only connected at 1Mbps/ second. I got on my other laptop that has been working and it too was going very, very slow. But, I'm getting a full signal.

Is the wireless part of the router going bad? Can its "hardware" be updated via it's admin site?

Thanks, Jeremy

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One remote possiblity. CMOS battery.

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Possibly your router's wireless side has died. My 3com one did that - couple of years of working fine, then suddenly it started getting flakier and flakier. I could connect fine, but any load - eg trying to download a file - and the connection would be lost. You could try turning off the other wirelss laptop, see if that helps.

Also possibly - you've started getting interference in the location of the laptop thqat has issues. Could be a neighbour on the same or adjacent channel, cordless phone, microwave, or any other source of microwave radiation.

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Mark McIntyre

Thanks for the reply! Will probably end up getting a new one.

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