Another weird Wireless problem

Hi all: I recently posted here about my wireless indcator light for my
HP Pavillion Laptop.
Here's another weird problem. The other day, I had Verizon install
FIOS. Seems great They gave me a new wireless router and I
disconnected the old one completely. The Verizon tech installed the
new wireless router and gave it a completely new name. Oddly enough,
my old router name still comes up when I do a search on wireless
networks. I can connect to it as well. Maybe a neighbor has assumed
the name of my old router? Seems really odd. Anyone know what could be
going on?
By the way, the blue indicator stills goes out, but I still get
connectivity (when iti si out) but slow.
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Windows apparently has a habit of remembering networks it once connected to - I have an old MacG5 in my garden shed and when I fire it up, it still remembers and "connects to" the wireless network it connected to, before I moved house... :-)
You could delete all network connections and start from scratch.
Perhaps - was it set to the default eg netgear, linksys etc.
Mark McIntyre
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Mark McIntyre
I didn't realise a MAC G5 ran Windows... :-)
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